Meditation Music with Hang "Earth Dragon" to relax, Active Meditation, Yoga, Zen, Spa, Massage

Friends, we hope you happen to be all well! Today we should introduce for you our new track, which we've got named "Earth Dragon". We really just like the musical instruments of countries, in addition to ethnic music in general. We attempt to use each of the example of past generations of music to generate a truly beautiful, high-quality music. This music is comparable to Asia or Chinese traditional music. With this track we used instruments such as bamboo flute, erhu, guzheng which gave the entire world to China and hang up Drum. Hopefully you like our new track and you may support us. Namaste.

relaxing Music

This zen music with hang drum is perfect for meditation, active meditation, relax, relaxing, relaxation, yoga, spa, massage & background.


Thank you for watching! If you want our work, support us :) Sign up for the channel, comment, put likes??, please repost and share music with friends on the social networks. Pretty much everything will let us to generate high-quality and delightful music for you personally. Consequently, we're going to attempt to spread a lot more meditation music, hang music, hang drum music, relaxing music, zen & reiki music, yoga & active meditation music, spa & massage relax music. Among others beautiful music for to reduce anxiety, meditation, relaxation & sleep music. ddd

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